This week’s #PLP: We talk about the season finales of Atlanta & Black’ish, and recap all our fave Black shows that are returning in the next few weeks/months. Researchers have a theory for Malaysian flight MH370. Doe Jeff believe it? At the 33rd anniversary of the Philadelphia MOVE bombing, it’s still a surprisingly unknown story. We discuss. Plus, family messiness, everyone’s gearing up for the Royal Wedding, and more.

#WeStandWithHattie: A 95 year old grandmother ends up in the clink after trying to get her shiftless granddaughter up out the house; she has our full support.
Donald Glover gets the internet in a tizzy in response to “This Is America”; is it really that good? Is HE really that good? Speaking of, Atlanta’s season 2 is over, and Naima, Jeff and Shawn are divided on their thoughts.
Dre and Bow Johnson splitting? We talk about Black’ish’s surprising end of season arc.
Plus white people continue to not mind their business and treat 911 as an all purpose complaint line.

On this week’s #PLP: Tristan Thompson is out here (allegedly) wilding when his wife is due at any minute [UPATE: The baby is here!].
Killer Mike lets his twitter fingers land him another L. We don’t know if Michael Cohen is a Biggie fan, but he learned “kick in the door” this week!
Plus: Stan Lee being held hostage in his own home? Floyd Mayweather runs afoul in the A. BET cancels the Quad, and more.