Month: November 2020

Who’s Making The Greens?

A short show for the Holiday weekend. We discuss the Fresh Prince Reunion, The Undoing, Jeezy vs Gucci, Put A Ring On It, and Thanksgiving plans.

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20 Years In, I’m Good!!

One week from Thanksgiving…the longest year ever! We discuss Meg not going to The Breakfast Club, The Rona getting worse, HBO’s The Undoing, Real Housewives Of Salt Lake is WILD, Student Loans being forgiven, and NYC’s MTA about to go under (allegedly).

Wear your masks and don’t get your family sick for Thanksgiving!!

Holy By Default

Ding Dong the witch is dead!! We talk Biden Harris winning, John Gray cheating (again!!), Blue Ivy does Hair Love, Alex Trebek passes on, Put A Ring On It, and Dave Chappelle does SNL.

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How Much Is A Birkin Bag?

Election 2020 got us on edge….we discuss voting, The Queens Gambit, Charm City Kings, RHOP, Oregon decriminalizes all drugs, and how much does a Birkin bad really cost?

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