Month: November 2016

Thank You For Listening, We Got It From Here

We got a pod in for Thanksgiving listening. Nai was at the store buying Greens and Ham Hocks so Shawn and Jeffrey held it down. We discuss Kanye’s latest episode, A Tribe Called Quest latest album, Insecure, and RHOA dealing with deadbeat dads…..

It’s All F’ed Now..What We Supposed To Do Now?

We still can’t believe what’s happened to the country. Very scary times ahead. But we won’t let this stop us. We talk Election 2016, RHOA and Married To Medicine premiers, Solange on SNL, Insecure on HBO, a review of Moonlight, and Shawn gives us a review of the African American Museum in DC…take care and stay prayed up.

$81 For Some Greens??

We back on track!! Back in the studio and we had a lot to discuss…..Ms. Donna Brazile resigning, Lil Wayne wilding, a great World Series Game 7, Atlanta season finale, the Standing Rock protest, and folks paying $81 for some Neiman Marcus Greens…smh