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Will You Shut Up Man

Sorry for the delays. We’re back in action. We discuss the Trump/Biden debate, LoveCraft Country, Trump gets the Rona, Terhan, Ramy, Thanksgiving…

Damn Daniel

What Y’all Doing Over There?

We Love A Publix Sandwich

Summer is over…..even though we didn’t have a summer.   We talk LoveCraftCountry, Black Love,  P Valley,  Jessica Krug acts Afro Latina, RIP Chadwick Boseman, and Dr. Dre wife deserves $2Million a month.

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Make Em Say Uhhhhhh

Summer is almost over but the f**kery doesn’t stop.  We discuss the The Chi and I May Destroy You finales, Master P cuts his family off,  Aaliyah catalog finally coming to streaming services,  Brandy vs. Monica, John Gray cheating again, and the powerful Yusef Hawkins documentary.

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We Got To Get The F**k Outta Here Right Now!!


Shawn was traveling so we had our cousin @Soalmondie sit in with us.  We discuss the amazing premier of LoveCraft Country, The almost season finale of I May Destroy You,   Kamala Harris becomes the first Black woman VP candidate, Trump tries to destroy the Post Office,  Drew Dixon’s documentary on sexual abuse in the music business, and is NYC Dead?

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Read The Manuals, Read The Books

We’re back….we talk Last Chance U,  Beyonce’s Black Is King, Jaguar Wright airs out Backpackers, Herman Cain chases Trump into the grave, the RHOP, and y’all President disastrous Axios interview…..

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