On this week’s #PLP: Tristan Thompson is out here (allegedly) wilding when his wife is due at any minute [UPATE: The baby is here!].
Killer Mike lets his twitter fingers land him another L. We don’t know if Michael Cohen is a Biggie fan, but he learned “kick in the door” this week!
Plus: Stan Lee being held hostage in his own home? Floyd Mayweather runs afoul in the A. BET cancels the Quad, and more.

As we watch all of our brothers and sisters journey to Wakanda 🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♂️ on the eve of the wide release, we discuss the #BlackPanther social media takeover; Chris Rock’s first new stand up special in years, “Tamborine”; the Ralph Lauren “Horsepower” documentary; the tragic Parkland shooting, and more.

On this week’s #PLP: Quincy Jones is OUTCHEA, and completely out of f**ks to give (as he should be at 85). We talk about his two recent interviews telling everybody’s business.
Philly, stand up!!! The Eagles win the Superbowl!! We recap the incredible game, and JT’s controversial return to the halftime stage, while BT celebrates Janet Jackson.
Plus Jeff recaps some Oscar contenders; Tupac’s accuser Ayanna Jackson talks about what happened; Doritos think women need a low-crunch chip, and more.