Month: February 2018

God’s Plan

This week we discuss The Black Panther movie, Drake’s “God’s Plan” video, Monique’s press tour, Blac Chyna’s sex tape, and review “The Shape Of Water”…..

Black Panther Eve

As we watch all of our brothers and sisters journey to Wakanda 🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♂️ on the eve of the wide release, we discuss the #BlackPanther social media takeover; Chris Rock’s first new stand up special in years, “Tamborine”; the Ralph Lauren “Horsepower” documentary; the tragic Parkland shooting, and more.

We Shouldn’t Talk About This Publicly

On this week’s #PLP: Quincy Jones is OUTCHEA, and completely out of f**ks to give (as he should be at 85). We talk about his two recent interviews telling everybody’s business.
Philly, stand up!!! The Eagles win the Superbowl!! We recap the incredible game, and JT’s controversial return to the halftime stage, while BT celebrates Janet Jackson.
Plus Jeff recaps some Oscar contenders; Tupac’s accuser Ayanna Jackson talks about what happened; Doritos think women need a low-crunch chip, and more.

It Was A Titty w/@TheCool18

We were joined by @TheCool18 from the “For Shits and Giggles” podcast this week. We discussed The Grammys, everyone on Married 2 Med getting divorced, the dangers of body surgery, and Kim Kardashian getting naked AGAIN.