Month: October 2018

Caravan Of Love

We knocked this out on a Nor’Easter Saturday. We discuss A Star Is Born, the Pittsburgh and Kentucky killings, Andrew Gilum, and Brother Nature….

Driving While Two

Nai over in Europe galavanting so we had two guest hosts this week, Harlem’s own Kia Marshall and Iyona McFarlane from Teaneck, NJ. We discuss Tamar acting a fool with Iyanla, the AMA’s, Brett Kavanaugh, Banksy playing folks, and Pooch Hall letting his 2 year old drive him home.

Listen and Enjoy!!!

Southern Hospitality

Shawn couldn’t make it so we had Naima’s college buddy Tasha sit in with us. She was with the s**ts. We talked Insecure Finale, Kanye f**k s**t, Bill Cosby, Nappily Ever After, and the difference between Northern Blacks and Southern Blacks.

The Missing August Show

So…we forgot to upload a show back in August. But we also didn’t get a chance to tape last week, so yay!!
Step in the time machine and go back a couple of months with us to Summer shenanigans, the return of Insecure, Omorosa dropping tapes like a indie artist, and more.