Month: April 2021

Let’s Make Lots Of Money

We talk DMX services, Black Rob and Shock G passing away, Kyrie Irving and the new athletes, Mortal Combat movie, The Oscars, and filming your workouts in a public gym.
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Wet Teddy Bears??

We talk the impact of DMX’s passing and his Forrest Gump like life, the doc White Boy Rick, A Madea Prequel, one of the Bachelor contestants comes out, Married 2 Med, the short film Two Distant Strangers, and the triggering series THEM.

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Steve, Ain’t Nobody Trying To Hear That!!

We talk Verzuz with Earth, Wind, And Fire and the Isley Brothers, Cameron on Drink Champs, Scooter Braun cashes out, DMX, and the Derek Chauvin trial, and who got the best Chicken Sandwich!

No movies this week but I’ll have a couple new ones next week.

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Call Us By Our Name

We talk Evanston Reparations, Justice League, Zola trailer, NAACP Awards, Godzilla vs Kong, Quavo and Saweetie, Lil Nas X trolls everyone, and the brilliant Tina Turner documentary.

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