Month: January 2021

Where’s Keyshia?

TI and Tiny are accused of abusing women, Ready To Love Reunion finale, Netflix White Tiger and Alice in Borderland, the Salt and Pepa Lifetime movie, and Robin Hood gets money.

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Inca, How You Feeling?

Trump GONE!!!!! We talk Inauguration, Tiger Woods doc, Bling Empire, Bali girls, Lupin, Sneakerheads get Inaugural shine, and Lupin.

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Wear your masks!!!

Happy Founders Day

Naima celebrates the Delta Founders Day, we discuss Korean films, Lori Harvey, Bridgerton, Inauguration plans, Put A Ring On It, and Trump is a loser. Email us at Let us know what you want us to talk about!!

White Privilege

Happy New Year…I guess. We talk Naima’s Dollhouses, Inca knitting blankets, Shawn not loving SOUL, Jeffrey going on a Detox, Georgia turning Blue, and the biggest display of White Privilege this country has ever seen.

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