Month: November 2018

Love Peace And Soouuullllll

We have that after Thanksgiving mood. Too much food, liquor, and family!! We’re back though…we talk Thanksgiving, Creed 2, the great Soul Train Awards show, General Motors cutting jobs, 69 getting arrested, and Dwight Howard’s coming out party.

What Time Y’all Eating?

Happy Thanksgiving!! The year is almost over….jeez. We discuss John Gray expecting his wife to raise him, Jill Scott showing what that mouth do, Amazon is setting up to take over Queens, and what’s your favorite Thanksgiving foods?

Aye Justin Take This Pic Real Quick

Why was Justin Bieber in the hood? Why are Republicans trying to steal the elections? Why is Thanksgiving only 2 weeks away? Why is Rebel Wilson acting like she the first plus sized girl to get love in the movies? WHY??


How Convient Is That? How Convient Is F’ing That?

Back in studio……ti’s Fall, it’s cold, Thanksgiving is around the damn corner. We discuss Kanye trying to come home (nah B), Cardi vs Nicki, Tyler Perry is gonna kill off Madea, Ready To Love, and Bob Marley’s doc on Netflix.