Month: March 2018

Better Call Tyrone

The news (really, the JOKES) about Howard University student and Office of Financial Aid employee-turned-scammer Tyrone Hankerson, Jr ’bout wiped out all plans we had to discuss anything else on this week’s show, but we soldiered on.
This week: Roseanne returns to tv; Gen Z is outchea showing massive organization about mobilization with #MarchForOurLives; the Married to Medicine reunion finale… and Tyrone. Plus more!

Wait, I’m White??

Good topics this week….we talk passing for white in 2018, Miranda running for NY State Governor, DJ Envy vs Desus&Mero, Mr. Rogers documentary, ToysRUs bites the dust, and the tragic Austin Bombings.

If I Did It…Hypothetically

TOOO much going on…..we talk Trump goofy ass, Kids eating slugs, Oj Simpson wilding, Iyanla Van Zant fantastic season of Fix My Life, and Rachel Dolezal ruining her kids lives….

The Book Of Mormons

Nai had to go South for a few days so me and Shawn held it down with a man show….two old ninjas talking….lol