Month: June 2018

You Can Feel It…It’s Electric!!

Back in Studio!! We’re gonna miss next week so we did 2 hours to hold you down….we talked BET Awards, The Carters album, Dame Dash vs Lee Daniels, the great show Pose, and crazy ninjas jumping on airplane wings….

I’m Good Luv…Enjoy

We talk the Andre Leon Talley doc, Melaina on the milk carton, Future dips on a groupie, FX new series Pose, Yo MTV Raps 30th anniversary concert, and James Prince..

Poplife Freestyle

This week we’re obviously talking about Drake, Push, Kanye, Km, Rhymefest, Donda, Whitney…. sheesh, who else is mixed up in the Daytona fall-out?
Plus RHOP, #BlackLove and Queen Sugar in the tv roundup, Roseanne is outta here, and more.