Month: March 2022

I Am A Xennial!

We talk the slap that was heard around the world, Will Smith, Chris Rock, the premier of FX’s Atlanta, and the not so good start of NYC mayor Eric Adams…..

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Read The Note

We talk Black people flying first class, Ryan Coolger gets accused of being a bank robber, the Gap plays the public with the Dap hoodies, and Tik Tok exposes cults.

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SIP AshTray

We talk Euphoria finale, the Kanye West Jeenyuhs finale, the war in Ukraine, Kim K is free, Prince business practices, and Love Is Blind American and Love Is Blind Japan.

Y’all Got How Many Kids?

We talk Euphoria, Netflix Love Is Blind, the Jeen Yuhs doc, Keke Wyatt adds to her family, and the terrible NBA All Star Weekend. Fix the Dunk contest!!!

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